Hydro Pulse� Nasal / Sinus Irrigation System

Hydro Pulse� Nasal / Sinus Irrigation System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nasal / Sinus Irrigation:

How does it work?

Most upper-respiratory problems including sinus infections & allergies are related to poor function of nasal cilia, tiny hairs in the mucous membranes that act to remove pollutants and contagions. Most drugs and sprays treat such problems symptomatically.  Some drugs kill the bacteria for the moment, but don't improve the body's long-term ability to fight contagion. The Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus Irrigator bathes the nose and sinuses with a gentle and refreshing pulsating action.  The device helps restore membranes to their natural moistness.  A short period of regular use can stimulate the cilia to restore their natural protective �sweeping� action.  Especially beneficial for post operative treatment, allergies, chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, and dry inflamed membranes.  This is a drug free procedure that is designed to be used at home simply, safely, and effectively.  Especially beneficial for:


         Post operative treatment




      Sinus Headaches

         Post Nasal Drip


      Chest/Bronchial Congestion

         Recurrent Sore Throats



Pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to improve and stimulate the nasal and sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses. A short period of regular use helps restore their natural, protective, �sweeping� action. Does your treatment work with your body, or are you just getting some kind of temporary relief from congestion? Many clinical studies also report pulsatile lavage is up to 100X more effective at removing bacteria. The Hydro Pulse� features include: hypo allergenic design, a gentle fully variable pressure control, quiet operation, soft color coded nasal tips for family members, and complete directions and sinus treatment information. The gentle pulsatile cleansing action of the Hydro Pulse� Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System may even be eligible for reimbursement by some insurance providers.



Evidence shows that pulsating saline lavage can remove bacteria.
Anglen J, Apostoles S, Christensen G, Gainor B. The efficacy of various irrigation solutions in removing slime-producing staphylococcus.J Orthopaed Trauma 1994;8:390-6.Osguthorpe J, Hadley J.
Rhinosinusitis: current concepts in evaluation and management. Med Clin North Am 1999;83:27-41.


The Hydro Pulse� assembly and seals are designed without latex or rubber to help resist premature wear associated with use of saline products common in oral irrigator devices (i.e. Water Pik type appliances) not specifically designed for sinonasal irrigation. 

How do I use it?

Add one teaspoonful of Breathe-ease XL or salt (non-iodized salt because some people are sensitive to iodine) to the basin to get the correct saline concentration.  Fill the reservoir with warm water, about 27 ounces or 800 cc. Turn on the device and adjust the pressure so that if you point the irrigator straight up in the air, the stream is about one inch high approx 5 psi.  Use the pause switch feature on the handle to temporarily interrupt the flow of water or simply turn the unit off using the on/off button on the base of the unit. Bend over the sink, place in one nostril, and release the pause switch to begin the flow or turn the device on using the on/off button. The saline goes through one nasal chamber and out the other. After about a minute, switch sides. Use about 1/3 of the basin on each side or until the saline return is clear.


How long do I need to use it?

For most nasal and sinus conditions daily irrigation in this manner for 10 days will restore the cilia to good function. Discontinue sinus irrigation as soon as sinus condition is cleared, or as directed by your doctor.


Is it easy to use and safe?

Yes. This method is safe, safer than blowing your nose. The device is designed not to work if the nose is completely obstructed.


How do you clean the Hydro Pulse  and the Grossan Original Sinus Irrigator Tip�

Rinse the machine thoroughly to remove the salt after each use.  Use mild soap and warm water to clean the irrigator tip. In addition, you may remove the rubber bulb tip and boil it.  Do not boil or steam the plastic stem. 


Throat  Irrigation and Tongue Cleaner:

How does it work?

The Grossan Original Throat Irrigator Tip provides gentle soothing relief of sore throat pain, reduces swelling, and encourages healing by massaging and stimulating blood flow to the infected area. Extremely beneficial for cryptic tonsils and tonsil stones as well.  New state of the art tongue cleaner features a unique triple edge action and gentle rinse designed to remove bacteria and food particles for fresh breath!  Provides safe pleasant infection protection for the whole family. Pulsatile irrigation of the throat gently washes away surface bacteria and helps reduce the number of bacteria that the body has to fight. Bringing more circulation to the area means more natural white cells to kill the bacteria. Increased circulation means more dilution of the bacteria. Especially beneficial for:


         Recurrent Sore Throat


         Bad Breath

         Reduces Pain & Swelling




Is this better than gargling?  Is it safe?

It is safer than gargling! Pulsating irrigation is 100 times more effective than simple rinsing or gargling. By crow-barring out the bacteria, the body has its best chance of overcoming infection without antibiotics.


How do I use it?

Add saline or diluted Listerine or your favorite mouthwash to the Hydro Pulse basin. The throat tip is concave to lay on the tongue comfortably. Lay the tip straight back on the left side of the tongue and direct it just behind the last tooth. The irrigation stream will wash the left tonsil or side of the throat, come around and wash the other side. Gently pull tongue cleaner/scrapper back and forth to remove and rinse away bacteria and food particles. Turn the tip over and place on the right side of  the tongue and direct it just behind the last tooth.  About a minute on each side should be enough. Lower pressure is best. The 45 degree angle of the irrigation tip and tongue cleaner feature, which acts as a tongue depressor, is designed to prevent any reflex gagging.

When should I use it?

For sore throat pain, swollen tonsils, cryptic tonsils, tonsil stones, or hoarseness use at onset of symptoms. It is especially recommended to use the throat irrigator at the earliest onset of a sore throat for best results and to prevent spread of the sore throat to other members of the family. Discontinue throat irrigation as soon as throat condition is cleared, or as directed by your doctor.  The throat irrigator is especially beneficial for cleaning food particles and debris from cryptic tonsils a source of infection and malodor.  Pulsatile irrigation is reported 100X more effective at removing bacteria.  For fresh breath control we recommend daily use of the tongue cleaner/scrapper element on the tongue depressor to remove bacteria and food particles.


It is effective for bad breath?

Yes.  This is great to use for breath odor control.


How do you clean the Hydro Pulse� and the Grossan Original Throat Irrigator Tip�

Rinse the machine thoroughly after each use to remove any concentration or salt residue.  Use mild soap and warm water to clean the irrigator tip.


Other maintenance and cleaning issues for the Hydro Pulse�

If pressure appears to drop off or water flow is reduced due to mineral deposits and clogging from salt and other additives run white vinegar through the unit for several minutes by placing the wand and sinus tip into the blue reservoir so that the flow recycles.  The white vinegar will help to decalcify hard water and mineral deposits which compromises the flow. Be sure to rinse the device thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue. Do not use sea salt, rock salt, or other highly corrosive mineral products. We do not recommend the use of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) due to the nature of the device and potential for clogging.  If you choose to use baking soda to help buffer the saline solution please limit use to � tsp. per 16 oz. of water.  Allow to fully dissolve and rinse thoroughly after each use.


Breathe-ease XL

Breathe-easeXL Nasal Moisturizer and Irrigation Solution

Naturally Formulated Locke-Ringers Solution reported best for the nasal cilia

Breathe-ease XL is a naturally formulated nasal and sinus moisturizer and irrigation solution developed by a leading board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. Developed based on the recent findings reported in medical journals which indicate a "Locke-Ringers" solution best for nasal cilia and more appropriate than saline. For use as both a nasal spray and irrigation solution it is formulated to approximate the body's natural salinity and electrolyte composition. Breathe-ease XL contains no preservatives, Iodine, or silica that harm sensitive nasal membranes. Especially beneficial to thin nasal secretions and clear stuffy, blocked nasal passages. Includes convenient refillable spray bottle for use as a spray, drops, or stream for irrigation. Designed for use with all forms of irrigation.

90 Day supply for irrigation with Hydro Pulse.

-          Highly economical for repeat use.  Makes up to 150 spray bottles or .10 cents per bottle compared with highly priced and ineffective over the counter nasal sprays many of which contain harmful preservatives (i.e. Benzalkonium)


Professional Testimonials

"Nasal Irrigation with the Original Sinus Irrigator� can potentially be the most therapeutic measure in completely eliminating a sinus infection.  It can help quickly and dramatically.  I've heard from people who have had an infection for months that within two days of beginning irrigation, the infection was gone, and did not return, even if irrigation was  not continued beyond a few days."

Dr. Robert S. Ivker
President, American Holistic Medical Association
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Family Medicine and Otolaryngology
University of Colorado, School of Medicine. Boulder, CO

"A particularly helpful strategy in the treatment and prevention of chronic sinusitis is saline washing using the Grossan Sinus Irrigator�.  The force of the apparatus in propelling the fluid through the nose is so effective in clearing blocked passages that, if it is done regularly, some patients with persistent or chronic sinusitis need no drug treatment at all." Patient Care Magazine/February 1997

Gary Rachelefsky, M.D.
Associate Director Allergy-Immunology  U.C.L.A School of Medicine Los Angeles, CA
Raymond G. Slavin M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine St. Louis University School of  Medicine, St. Louis, Mo.
Ellen R. Wald, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics-Otolaryngology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA


Professional Testimonials (cont.)



In situations  where there has been prior surgery, and chronic or recurrent purulent sinusitis continues to occur, pulsatile sinus irrigation with dilute salt water on a daily basis using a Grossan Sinus Irrigator� device  is frequently recommended. Besides the obvious mechanical cleansing affect, the pulsatile action is thought to help stimulate the nasal cilia back to normal function (one of main principles of contemporary sinus surgery is to preserve any and all normal respiratory mucosa as is possible so as to prevent subsequent cilia-related sinus problems).  An additional advantage of this irrigation technique is that topical antibiotic solutions such as gentamicin can be used to treat infection, which can often be primarily superficial or surface infection.

Steve Dankle, MD
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Milwaukee, Wis

Many people with asthma or other respiratory conditions also have nasal and  sinus symptoms. Drainage from your nose and sinuses may get into the lungs,  especially at night, worsening breathing symptoms. A salt water nasal wash  helps reduce this possibility. Some people call this a nasal irrigation. This  procedure removes mucus and bacteria from your nose and  reduces symptoms of postnasal drip and nasal congestion. An effective treatment is the use of the Original Sinus Irrigator� (Hydro Pulse�) with a saline solution. Simply insert the tip just inside your nostril and allow the fluid  to run out of your mouth or other nostril. Blow your nose lightly.  Repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

National Jewish Medical and Research Center (Leading Respiratory Center in the United States)
Global Leader in Lung, Allergic, and Immune Diseases
Denver, Colorado

No neonatologist worth his or her salt can fail to be interested in this brochure for "The Grossan Device" - a stunning example of American know how, entrepreneurial spirit, and the capitalist system in action.

Ahmanson Pediatric Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA