Tung Brush and Tung Gel

Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Brush is a unique and highly functional oral-hygiene device designed specifically to loosen and remove odor-causing bacteria and debris from the surface of the tongue. Patented features for results far superior to those of a toothbrush. Dentists and hygienists now recommend tongue cleaning as an essential part of complete oral care. Includes 1 Tung brush and 1 .29oz Tung Gel Sample

Clincial research shows that odor-causing bacteria on the tongue is the #1 casue of bad breath. There's no better tool to get rid of that nasty bacteria and "tongue gunk" than the Tung Brushâ„¢.

Designed to outperform tooth brushes and scrapers with greater coverage and superior comfort with no gagging.


Extend tongue and gently brush from the back of the tongue forward to the tip (for approx. 10 seconds)  Repeat as necessary.  Replace your Tung Brush at least every three months.


Shout not be used on teeth and gums.  Slight tenderness and/or bleeding may occur on tongue at first, but should stop with regular brushing.  If either condition continues, stop use and consult your dentist.  Excessive brushing may cause soreness.

Tung Brush and Tung Gel

Unique bristle design penetrates tongue crevices not visible to the naked eye where odor-causing bacteria hide.

  • Brush color may vary.
  • Licks Bad Breath & Tongue Gunk
  • Eliminates bad breath where it starts
Price: $4.49
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