Biotene Dry Mouth Toothpaste FAQ's

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Is Biotène a prescription product?
No, Biotène is available without a prescription at most national drug store chains, food stores, and at many discount centers.

When should I see positive results from Biotène Toothpaste?
You should see results immediately - depending on the severity of your dry mouth condition it may take up to ten days.

Can anyone use Biotène Toothpaste, even if they don't have Dry Mouth?
Absolutely. Biotène's natural enzymes are normally found in saliva and are essential in preventing cavities and gingivitis while promoting a healthy oral flora.

Why doesn't Biotène foam up like other toothpaste?
Unlike most other toothpastes, Biotène is made extra gentle and without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a harsh detergent, which can cause canker sores.

Biotène Toothpaste contains an ingredient called 'Glucose Oxidase'. Is this a sugar?
No, Glucose Oxidase is not a Sugar. It is an enzyme, which acts on the glucose (sugar) produced from food ingestion. This reaction helps to eliminate glucose from the mouth.

Do I have to rinse after using Biotène Toothpaste?
Yes. However, unlike other toothpaste, you need only rinse once after using Biotène. Biotène does contain fluoride, which is not recommended to swallow.

What Flavor is the Biotène Toothpaste?
Biotène Toothpaste is flavored with Natural Wintergreen Mint.

Does the Biotène Toothpaste contain fluoride?
Yes, biotène contains Sodium Monoflurophosphate.

Can I use the Biotène toothpaste with another mouthwash or another toothpaste other than Biotène?
No! Due to the sensitive nature of the enzymes contained within our product, if you use Biotène mouthwash in conjunction with another mouthwash, the enzymes will be destroyed and the Biotène mouthwash will be ineffective. Using another mouthwash especially an alcohol based mouthwash in conjunction with Biotène toothpaste will destroy the enzymes in the toothpaste as well.

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