Why Glacier Floss


Glacier Floss

Why Glacier Floss?

Dental oral irrigation has been in practice since the 1960s.  Under the expert advice of dentists, dental oral irrigation has been shown to be beneficial in keeping teeth clean and healthy. 

The effect of magnetism on water chemistry has been observed over the past seventy years and has wide applications in the removal of hard scale deposits inside pipes. Cities have used magnets around pipes in order to decrease calcium deposits inside the pipes.  The scientific theory explaining the effect of magnetic energy on water chemistry is diverse ranging from changes in ph to electromagnetic potential to resonances of the H-O bond in the water molecule.  The magnetic effect on water becomes effective only under strict conditions and lasts for a few seconds.  It is important that the time between water passing through the magnetic field and the delivery to the teeth surface is kept to a minimum as the effect decreases with time.  The effect of magnets on oral irrigators has been reported in the Journal of Periodontology.  The journal reported oral irrigators with magnets are 44% more effective in helping reduce plaque on teeth.

Glacier Floss has made magnetic oral irrigation convenient, simple, more effective, safer and less expensive than any other oral irrigator.  Glacier Floss is very convenient to use and attaches directly to the faucet without the interruption of faucet’s normal water flow.  It attaches without tools by simply removing the existing aerator on the faucet and hand screwing the Glacier Floss diverter onto the end of the faucet.  The diverter contains its own aerator.   When using Glacier Floss it only requires turning the handle of the diverter and by returning the handle to its original position the normal water flow returns to the faucet.  The diverter handle enables the user to control the strength of the water jet. 

Glacier Floss is only 4 inches long and one inch wide taking up very little counter space. It remains attached to the faucet making in convenient to use. The tubing used to deliver the water is coiled for convenient retraction when not in use. A number of magnets with special orientation and strength are housed in the holder.  The tubing is coiled around these magnets providing optimum effect on the water flow.   The effect on the teeth is much greater the closer the magnets are to the delivery of the water making Glacier Floss more effective than an irrigator that stores magnets further away from the exit of the water jet. 

The simplicity of Glacier Floss is reflected in direct delivery of fresh water from the faucet.  Containers that are used to store water collect bacteria.  There is no container to clean with Glacier Floss.  The water stream is continuous and floss-like, reducing splashing and penetrating neatly into the crevices between teeth and gum pockets. 

The fact that Glacier Floss does not need electricity to operate makes it ideal for traveling and adds to the safety of the unit.   Glacier Floss sells for a fraction of the cost of the only other competing magnetic oral irrigator.  It is manufactured of high quality US made components and the tubing is FDA approved.  It is increasing becoming the oral irrigator of choice for dentists and orthodontists.  It is exceptionally valuable for anyone that has braces or bridges because of its convenience, cost and effectiveness. 

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