Therabreath AktivOxigen Tablets

Unique Product: Great for travelers. Just add 1 tablet to 8 oz bottle & add H20 to create potent oral rinse. Add 2 tabs to make 2x strength version. Many patients cleanse throat & tonsils by swallowing a few capfuls before bedtime.

AktivOxigen Tablets (2 Tablets) Ingredients: Unflavored Active ClO2

This product does not contain:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)

Proper Directions of Use Add one AktivOxigen Tablet to the included mixing bottle and fill with water. Wait 5-10 seconds for the tablet to dissolve and shake thoroughly. The AktivOxigen Solution can be used as your primary mouthwash, however most people use it in conjunction with a TheraBreath oral rinse Slowly swallow 1-2 capfuls of the AktivOxigen solution and let it slowly run down the back of your throat and tonsils. Try to allow the solution to stay in contact with the back of your throat and tonsils for as long as possible

*bottle not included*

Therabreath Aktiv Oxigen Oral Mouth Rince Tabs
AktivOxigen Tablets (2 Tablets) Powerful tablets dissolve in water to create an unflavored oral rinse  (Out of Stock)
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