Polident Overnight Whitening (102 tabs)

  • Helps to restore and maintain the original whiteness of your patients’ dentures, with regular use
  • Features extra penetrating cleansers to deep-clean tough stains like tea and coffee
  • Provides triple-mint freshness for fresh breath confidence that lasts all day
  1. Drop one Polident Overnight tablet into a denture bath or glass containing enough warm water (not hot) to cover dentures.
  2. Allow dentures or removable bridge to soak in effervescing solution overnight.
  3. After soaking in solution overnight, rinse dentures with running water.

For best results, brush dentures using the Polident Overnight solution and rinse again. For clean, minty fresh dentures, use Polident Overnight every night.

Warnings: Keep tablets in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. Do not place tablets in the mouth

polident overnight whitening
Cleans tough denture stains, controls odor, and leaves dentures feeling clean all day.
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