Butler Proxabrush Snap Ons Sulcus Brush

Removes plaque from

  • Large interproximal areas
  • Around crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontic bands, Malaligned teeth, Furcation areas, exposed furcations
  • Hard to reach areas - third molars, distal of molars
  • Lingual areas - lower anterior linguals
  • Post periodontal surgery
  • Periodontal pockets
Great for
  • People who have difficulty flossing due to dexterity problems or large restorations where floss shreds or tears
  • Gingival tissue stimulation/massage

Butler Snap on sulcus brush
Features soft bristles that gently and effectively clean along the gumline to help fight and prevent gum disease. Massages gums interproximally and along the gingival margin to remove plaque and help stop bleeding. Butler Proxabrush Snap Ons Sulcus Brush
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